DIY makeup mirror

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PHOENIX -- Home Depot's Debbie Hernandez explains how to build a makeup mirror and organize your cosmetics.


Magnetic Makeup Organizer Board

-3/4" wood cut to size. A little larger than the sheet metal to create a framed look.
-Magnetic Sheet Metal
-Velcro squares
-Liquid Nails
-Paint or Stain
-Heavy Duty Picture Hook or screw into wall at the stud or with anchors.

-Cut wood to size to fit sheet metal.
-Paint or Stain to desired finish.
-Attach sheet metal to wood with Liquid Nails.
-Attach Velcro squares and a magnet to the back of each makeup container.
-Hang and Enjoy!

Makeup Mirror

-Wood Framed decorative Mirror
-2 or 4 Vanity light fixtures
2 if your doing just the sides, 4 for all the way around. Sizes to be determined based on mirror size.
-15' bag of Romex Wire
-Drill with screwdriver bit and 5/16" drill bit.
-Round Vanity Light Bulbs. Preferably LED!
-Pig Tail Plug if no place to hard wire.

-Place base of fixture on the center of each side of the mirror, put a mark in the hole where the wires go through, drill a hole through the mirror on your mark.
-Put the wires through the hole and screw the fixture base into the mirror frame.
-Turn the mirror over and wire each fixture to the next using the Romex wire, (cut 4 pieces of Romex the length will need to be the distance from one set of wires to the other)  -Using wire nuts, secure all white wires to other white, black to black, copper to copper.
-Attach pig tail plug at the bottom fixture to plug in if mirror cannot be hard wired into the wall.
-Reassemble fixtures, attach covers and add soft white light bulbs.
-Hang and enjoy!