Beaver captured at Tempe Town Lake returns to the wild

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – A beaver that was captured at Tempe Town Lake last month has been released back into the wild.

The North American beaver was removed from the Tempe Town Lake area on Jan. 14 after it was found sick and in an unsafe area due to dam construction.

"We took a look and he didn't look like he was doing too well," said Amy Burnett with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. "He was lethargic and he was kind of slow."

The beaver was taken to Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale where it was treated for giardia, a disease caused by a parasite found in contaminated waters.

After about a month of treatment, veterinarians gave the 45-pound animal a clean bill of health and it was released at a cattle ranch north of Wickenburg on Thursday.

"There's a stream and a few other beavers in the area so he'll be in good company," Burnett said.

"It's a happy day," said Kim Carr with Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center. "We like these days when we can actually release something back and it's a happy ending. They're not always like that, but these are kind of what keep us going."

Wildlife officials are optimistic about the animal's future.

"He needs a second chance," Carr said. "We just hope for the best for him. He's a pretty big, tough guy so we're thinking that he's not going to have much problem."

Although beavers are native to the Phoenix area and a healthy population thrives in the Salt and Verde rivers, the animals are not often spotted in urban areas like Tempe Town Lake, officials said.


Rescued Tempe Town Lake beaver prepares for return to the wild

Beaver captured at Tempe Town Lake