3OYS: Woman says cellphone company changed her data plan

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Diana Orlich is taking the plunge and getting married. And with an upcoming wedding, she's been using her cellphone a lot more than she normally would.

"We're planning a wedding, so I've been on my phone a lot," Orlich said. "I've been checking emails when I've been in and out of the house, so I've been using it much more often than I would normally."

Orlich never had the need to check her data usage before. Why would she? Orlich's AT&T plan had unlimited data, meaning she could use as much data as she wanted in a month without worrying about going over a limit.

"If I was in Wi-Fi, that's great," Orlich said. "But if there's a situation that I'm not, I have that backup. I don't have to worry about going over a data plan."

Orlich was a little shocked when she received a text message from AT&T warning her that she was approaching 75 percent of her allotted three gigabytes.

How could that be? She had an unlimited plan, right?

Orlich said she called AT&T and they told her that she didn't have an unlimited plan anymore. She said her cellphone company put her on a three-gigabyte plan, and if she used more than that, she would be charged.

"I was very upset for the fact that I didn't request it in the first place," Orlich said. "And I think that's where I just thought they should have been able to fix that for me."

And that's when 3 On Your Side got involved. AT&T looked into the matter and, after reviewing Orlich's account, put her back on the unlimited data plan.

"From the point that I received a phone call back from Gary, everything was taken care of very quickly," Orlich said.

She said she's glad to be back on her original plan. Her upcoming wedding will be expensive enough without having to worry about a higher cellphone bill.

It's a problem she said only 3 On Your Side could have resolved.

"It was wonderful," Orlich said. "I think they came through for me in the time that I needed them the most."

3 On Your Side appreciates AT&T's quick response in resolving the issue like they did.

A spokesman for AT&T sent us an email that didn't specifically address Orlich's issue. However, it did say, "AT&T ranked highest in customer service among other wireless providers, according to the latest J.D. Power study. In the 2015 Wireless Customer Care Full Service Study, Volume 1, AT&T outscored other full-service wireless providers for the overall customer service experience. Approximately 6,500 U.S. wireless customers participated in the study and the period ranged from July to Dec. 2014."