Tucson-area businesses complain about mail-delivery delays

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- Tucson business leaders are complaining about mail delays in the wake of implementation of new service standards.

Business owners and others speaking at a news conference Thursday said letters and other mail are getting to their destinations later than they'd been told to expect, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

"The reality is that everyone is affected," said George Kalil, whose family owns Kalil Bottling Co.

Christina Chambers of Arizona Jet Mail said the printing and mailing service's customers are advised to expect and prepare for delays. But she says not all businesses or organizations can plan out in advance.

"I get emails all the time: `I haven't got my mail,' " she said.

The service change is part of the second phase of the Postal Service's effort to consolidate 82 facilities around the country as cost-cutting measures. In the first phase, which occurred in 2013, all mail originating from Tucson, even if it was being sent to another Tucson address, was sent to Phoenix to be processed.

The Postal Service denies there are any additional delays of Tucson-area mail because of the revised service standards. Spokesman Peter Haas said it's too early to measure any long-term impact from new standards that changed only a few weeks ago.

Tom McGovern of the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce said the critics want the Postal Service to take a timeout to review its processes.

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