ASU baseball team starts season in new stadium

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By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson
By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson
By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson
By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson
By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The Arizona State University baseball team kicks off the 2015 Spring season in a new stadium, at least new for the team.  Last year, they played their last game at Packard after taking the field there for some four decades. Now the diamond at Phoenix Municipal Stadium will be their home. It is just north of the Tempe campus, near the Phoenix Zoo.

Senior right fielder, Trever Allen, gave Good Morning Arizona's Gina Maravilla a tour of the new facility.  He says there are a lot of personal touches added to the grounds that celebrate the team's storied history and famous alumni.

When fans first walk up to the stadium, out front they will see a number of signs boasting big accomplishments over the years. 

"These are all the accolades for Arizona State baseball," Allen said. "The Major League draft picks, All-Americans, Sun Devils that have played in the Major Leagues, which is continually growning bigger and bigger as the years go on."

The stadium has been transformed into Sun Devil Country, though finishing touches still need to be added. 

"Construction will continue to go on for a while, but, there are a few billboards that are going up, and they're going to host all of our retired numbers for ASU baseball and the National Championships," Allen said.  "You'll have the likes of Barry Bonds and Reggie Jackson and those type of guys on those boards."

The student Inferno section is complete and ready. The players from the 2015 baseball team all personally helped to paint it. Packard never had a designated area for students. Also, Phoenix Municipal can seat some 8,000 fans, which is about double the capacity of Packard.

Even as the season starts, renovations in the locker room will also continue. But ASU has already added personal touches to the players' space.  The team's meeting room is called the "Omaha Room," named after the location of the College World Series.

Each team member personally picked their locker. Seniors got to choose first, the rookies last.

One of the most special spaces in the stadium is an area called the "Alumni Locker Room."  Along every wall in this area, jerseys of some of the most famous players to wear a Sun Devil uniform are hanging in tribute to their legacy.

Allen says the room serves as inpsiration for current players. 

"The names in this room are unbelieveable," Allen said. "They’ve made a name for themselves as well as ASU baseball. They were the stars of this program and we hope to continue that name."