Did 2 Irish football fans really crash Super Bowl XLIX?

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- A pair of Irish men claim they crashed Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale last Sunday. The men have the sports world buzzing. But did they really do it?

Richard Whelan and his friend actually gave a TV news interview at the game on Sunday.

In a follow-up with Whelan via Twitter Wednesday afternoon, Whelan said he and Paul McEvoy simply waltzed past security during what was supposed to be one of the country's most secure sporting events.

The pair hit social media, posting photos from some very expensive seats just four rows from the field.

When they got home, they did a radio interview during which they claimed to have sneaked into the stadium by blending in with some Red Cross workers.

Looking back at their interview, you have to wonder.

McEvoy: "We paid more money than we paid each mile to get here. So, it was 8,000 miles to get here. We paid $10,000 each to get here."

Argos: "Ten thousand dollars? Is that including the ticket?"

Whelan: "Boom. Everything. All in."

McEvoy: "It included the tickets, yeah."

McEvoy said the money they paid included tickets. So, is their "we crashed the Super Bowl" story a hoax?

Venue security expert Steven Adelman was at the game as well and said the supposed crashers' claim doesn't hold.

"It is highly unlikely," he said. "There were multiple layers of security designed to prevent exactly that."

The NFL gave this five-word response: "We are looking into it."

"If it was true these guys did sneak in, fortunately, they were up to nothing more than some harmless mischief," Adelman said.

So, did they or didn't they?

When Argos talked to Whelan via Twitter, he asked flat-out if he had a ticket.

"Nope, we walked straight through the front door about half way (sic) through the first quarter and nobody even asked us for a ticket," Whelan responded in a direct message.

Argos then asked about McEvoy's comment Sunday about the money they spent including tickets.

"He didn't want to say we didn't have a ticket during the game in the stadium ...," Whelan said.