Jill Green, Washington High School

Jill Green Jill Green

PHOENIX --- Javier Soto had one little trick up his sleeve when he walked through the door at Jill Green's Washington High School classroom, that was to present her with 3TV's Silver Apple award.

Each year 8 teacher are honored for their excellence in education with this great award and are given $500 for use in their classroom. Jill Green was nominated by senior student, Anarosa, who wrote in her nomination letter that "her loving personality generates a positive atmosphere in the classroom, creating a family environment for everyone. With over a million things on her agenda, she always finds time to dedicate to her students; whether it is helping them on an assignment or whether it is writing letters of recommendation."

Ms. Green has been a teacher at Washington High School for 28 years so we asked her a few questions about her time as a teacher: 

Why did you decide to get into teaching?
My father was an English teacher, and he instilled in me the power of education. 
What is your favorite teaching moment?
My days are full of moments. That's why I am in love with my job. Whether it is a student who says, “Ah, I get it now,” or one who says, “Taking me to volunteer at the shelter tonight has changed my life,” or a peer tutor who tells me that she helped a student finally pass a test, I can't help but smile all day long.
How did you feel when you realized you won the Silver Apple Award?
I'm rarely speechless, but I was so surprised, I did not know what to say! 
What do you plan on doing with the $500 grant?
We are going to purchase cameras for the school newspaper.
What advice would you give to new teachers?
Keep a journal of your first years, so you can celebrate your journey. My first day of teaching, I went home and cried and never wanted to go back. Thirty years later, I can't imagine being anywhere else.
What was the greatest life lesson you've learned through your teaching experience that has affected your personal life?
Ever since I became the sponsor of our campus service club, I have made volunteering a habit in my own life.  With over 300 members in our Interact club, I provide 3-4 events a week for students, and though I am trying to engrain “service above self” into their lives, I have put that motto at the top of mine.

Congratulations to Ms. Green for her excellence in education and thank you for making a difference in the lives of Arizona's future leaders.