Precocious pig excelling in dog training classes

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By Elisa Jaffe, KOMO

In a canine class where you'll find a corgie, a collie, and a lab on a leash, you'll hear a snort amid the barks.

Amy the pig is training amongst the confused pups in this class for dogs.

The first time she came to class, she got more than a few curious looks and sniffs from the other students. However, after a few session the sniffing stopped, and five-month old Amy became one of the pack.

Lori Stock has owned several dogs over the years but wanted a new animal to train. She says her extremely active indoor pig is a quicker study than past pets.

"She is the smartest 'dog' I've ever trained," said Lori.

Amy has already graduated from doggie manners classes, and is on to agility and obedience training.

"I don't discriminate," said school owner Kathy Lang. "We actually had a pygmy goat come to several of our classes and so when Lori asked me about bringing a pig my response was sure 'Why not?'"

Pigs aren't natural retrievers, but Amy has a lot of incentive to do well. She's very food motivated, and since beginner training uses a lot of treats, Amy is in hog heaven.

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