Sweet, Spring Fashion for Valentines Day

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Sweet, Spring Fashion for Valentine’s Day             

Alexa Salari, Savvy Fashionista

Twitter: @lexasal 

Whether you’re deciding to go out for Valentine’s Day or you're just planning to watch Netflix (and mind you, there’s nothing wrong with that), these pieces incorporate trends you can wear during the entire spring season of 2015.

Attire with Detailed Accents

1. Baby Pink A-line Dress

2. Floral Lace Dress w/ Black Velvet Accents

3. Cream Pencil Skirt w/ Black Pleather Shoulder Accents

Look 1: This seems like a simple pink dress at first, but there are hints of unique details. The A-line cut of this baby pink dress gives the piece a really flirty and feminine touch, but if you look at the bottom of the dress this is where the magic happens! These horizontal rings around the bottom—woven with the same light pink fabric—break up the solid color of the dress, adding a bit more depth. This look is from Macy’s ($37). The fabric of this dress is so soft and delicate. It’s like wearing a fitted blanket around your body. I’ve also added a bold statement necklace to bring this look to life a bit more.

Look 2: This piece incorporates some definite trends for the spring 2015 season, lace and floral. Nothing says spring like the mix of these two elements. Dress from T.J.Maxx ($25). This is not your ordinary floral dress; this is an all lace piece with an abstract floral print. I love how feminine meets edgy in this look. We see this with the pink and the turquoise flowers amongst these dark black velvet accents that outline the body (both around the waist and down the middle of the dress). What really makes this look for me are the lace additions that hang around the wrist area as well as the extra lace hanging from the bottom of the dress. It’s just a really fun, romantic look.

Look 3: I’ve toned down the colors a bit and went for something a little more neutral. I know a lot of us like to wear bright colors, especially during the spring, but sometimes less is more. These pieces are from Express ($60 total). These longer pencil skirts work really nicely on a lot of different body shapes. But it’s all about the embellishments that take this look from being somewhat plain to more visually interesting. We have these fun pleather shoulder accents on the blouse with the pull down zipper on the front. These elements tie in to the embellished accents around the waist of the skirt, too.

 A Red Affair

1. Floral, Fit & Flare Dress w/ Black and White Stripes

2. Red Lace Blazer (w/ Textured Undershirt)

3. Sleeveless Dress w/ Black and Red Stripes

Look 1: No matter the occasion, nothing compares to a dress that makes you look good and feel good. This dress does just that. It’s a spandex kind of material, so it hugs your body in all the right places, while the bottom of the dress flares out really beautifully. This piece is from Macy’s. It incorporates this trending floral print for spring. I love how these pink and purple flowers are placed against the black and white stripes. So even though the flowers stand out, they’re a little more subdued by the black and white color. We’re going to be seeing a lot of black and white stripes this season—and for good reason, it does tend to have this slimming affect.

Look 2: I’m all about a good blazer. A blazer just seems to work wonders when you can’t figure out what to wear. I love this deep red color with the floral lace, perfect for Valentine’s Day and for the spring. It’s a nice change from the solid black blazer we’re so used to seeing. I’ve paired it with a black pencil skirt and wedges for that more elegant feel, but you could definitely wear this more casually with a pair of black slacks or jeans.

Look 3: This last piece is really flattering—we have the material of this dress to thank for that. It’s a structured fabric, but it's still flexible enough to allow this A-line cut at the bottom to move nicely when you’re actually walking. This dress is from Macy’s ($27). It shows off your figure really well because of where the stripes begin and end. So we have the red and black stripes that hug right above your waist, but we keep things simple with the all black top.