Doctor won't see children who aren't vaccinated

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- One Valley doctor is taking a stand against children who have not had their vaccinations.

At his office, MVP Kids Care in Phoenix, non-vaccinated children are not allowed.

"If we have kids that are not vaccinated and they come through the exam room or waiting room, they can potentially infect our kids," said Dr. Fred Shulski.

With the recent measles outbreak, Dr. Shulski says his practice doesn't serve children who haven't had their vaccinations and he doesn't think he's alone.

"I believe the majority of pediatric offices do the same thing that we do. We are in the business of preventative care and vaccines are very well proven in that respect," said Shulski.

Local doctor, Dr. Tim Jacks, couldn't get his children vaccinated.

His baby boy is too young and his 3-year-old daughter has leukemia, but he believes in the policy.

"By vaccinating, that's one of the biggest ways we can do that. Indirectly, you're also helping protect other children out there, other people out there that would otherwise be susceptible to measles -- those are my children in this case," said Dr. Jacks.

Dr. Shulski says this current measles outbreak is something to take very seriously.

 "This is a real disease that we deal with-- luckily not on a daily basis-- but when we have outbreaks like this, it does become a big public health concern," said Shulski.

Dr. Shulski says you should have your children vaccinated because it is safe and effective.