Young singer starts 'Tapestry' movement to help at-risk kids

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- She's only 13, but she is making a big difference with her beautiful voice and her bright vision.

Kayli Merwin started the Tapestry Movement, which is based on the belief that a voice should be given to every child who overcomes adversity or needs help.

"Tapestry movement gives them resources and things to help them," Kayli says.

The teen recording artist from Arizona says she had a dream and desire to "write about something that matters." To this young singer, that meant writing about stories that moved and encouraged her.

She didn't have to look far for inspiration, as family and close friends were dealing with various difficulties. Seeing the strength and courage each used to overcome these obstacles, Kayli was inspired to write their stories of perseverance and determination.

"Sometimes kids turn to drugs and alcohol and hurting themselves because they don't know that there are ways to help them out there," she says. "So we're trying to get kids to see that there are people who care about them and there are things to help them."

This is how the song, eventually titled "Tapestry," was created, And that song that led to a movement.

The website,, is a platform for young people to share their unique stories online. It not only provides youth with a voice to share stories, it provides and brings together free services to support and heal youth at risk.

Tapestry Movement is about kids helping kids. Relevant music videos and everyday youth sharing their own stories bridge the gap to their peers who otherwise wouldn't know the help and resources exist. The movement brings a grounded and genuine approach to reaching young people who are struggling.

Resources available include help for depression, special needs, eating disorders and many other issues that young people are dealing with. Children who are in the foster care system will have an online place to find encouragement.

Tapestry Movement will be funded by a portion of the proceeds from the Tapestry CD and the product line. With support and financing, Kayli's desire is to write and record more of her peer's inspiring stories.

The youth behind Tapestry would like to bring their story to school assemblies and other community opportunities. Another goal is to routinely feature a youth's story and sponsor them for a "day out" with shopping spree and individual photography session.