Barrow neurologists explain their work on the Super Bowl sidelines

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX --- Doctors with the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix say they assessed seven players during the Super Bowl for possible concussions and other injuries.

"From the sidelines and with the help of a spotter, we evaluate every helmet hit," Dr. Javier Cardenas told 3TV after the game. "I can tell you I was really busy last night," he said.

The neurologists are unable to discuss which players they interacted with, but Cardenas could be seen by television viewers walking along the sidelines, next to athletes.

One player, Seattle's Cliff Avril, was removed from the game, with a suspected concussion. After the game, many sports analysts questioned why New England's Julian Edelman was not also removed, following what appeared to be a rough tackle.

"It's easy to be an armchair neurologist, just like it's easy to be an armchair quarterback, and try to make these calls from home. But you can't," he said, referring to those questioning why Edelman remained in the game.

The Associated Press reports Edelman was, in fact, checked both by team doctors and the neurologists, and cleared to continue playing.

Cardenas and others from Barrow work with the team doctors to assess the players. "Even in the biggest game in the world, if we diagnose a concussion and tell the athlete they're done, then they're done," he said.

Barrow doctors work all Cardinals and ASU home games. "It's really important, especially to our youth, that even in the biggest game in the world, when we say someone's had a concussion and they're out, that they're done for the game."