Cat walks freeway and hitches ride across the Valley

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CHANDLER, Ariz.--  It was a bit of a game of cat and mouse for a little kitten Sunday morning.

Dan Foley saw the kitten on the 51 near Bethany Home Road in the carpool lane.

"I stopped to try to grab the kitten, and the cars are going around my car, and she bolted around the car," said Foley.

Foley said the kitten seemingly disappeared.

He then made the hour-long drive from Phoenix to Chandler and told his family what he saw.

"We called her ghost cat," said Foley.

He says his kids thought the cat might have been a mere figment of his imagination, until several hours later, when the family went out for some Super Bowl hot wings.

"I got in the car and heard a meow," said Foley's 14-year-old daughter, Amanda.

Foley followed the cries to far above the tailpipe, in a tiny crevice in the car.

"We named her "Chance" because it's a miracle. I'm surprised she survived. It gets hot in there, very hot," said Amanda.

The kitten was a little freaked at first. "She calmed down pretty quickly. We gave her some food, water and love, and she seems to be doing pretty well," said Foley.

Amanda hopes the little cat, Chance, with now eight lives instead of nine, will catch its next ride to a happy new forever home.

"Oh, she's good! Loves to be held, just a good cat," said Amanda.

The Foleys are trying to find someone to adopt little Chance.