Great Get Organized Gadgets & Clutter Clearing Tips

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 Great Get Organized Gadgets &  Clutter Clearing Tips
by:  Rachel Harris,

Tis the post holiday season when the home begs to be organized and streamlined as we dive into a new year and yearn to get rid of the clutter.  I know I feel that way, but it can be overwhelming to truly dive into the process so I found some great get organized gadgets and some clutter clearing tips to help streamline the process.  Plus when the clutter is out and organized living is in, it is amazing how less stressed we feel, so take a look at these ideas...

Are You An Internal or External Organizer?
First ask yourself if you are an internal or external organizer?  If you are an internal organizer, then you like your get organized gadgets stored out of sight like a pot lid holder attached to the inside of a kitchen cabinet.  External organizers like the cool gadgets displayed like a jewelry holder placed on the bathroom counter.  So figuring that out is a good place to start.

Four Box Rule For Clearing The Clutter
Next use the four box rule to sort and to get the clutter out.  Label four boxes into different categories that include donate, recycle, keep and trash.  Once you place the four boxes in the room that you are organizing the process of filling each box with a purpose and getting it out of that room really jumpstarts the big job at hand and feels less overwhelming as you proceed.
My Three Favorite Get Organized Tips
A few of my other favorite get organized tips include touch a paper once; one thing in, one thing out and opening the mail by the trash cans.  A friend of mine lives by the touch a paper once rule.  This means that whatever letter, note, bill, etc that she was holding at the moment, she would immediately perform the action that was required with that paper (like pay the bill right away as an example) and then discard or file it away.  She did this instead of laying it in a pile to get to later.  If you bring a new blouse in, then immediately take out a top out that you no longer wear and donate it.  Lastly, I always open my stack of mail by the trash can and by the recycling container so that as soon as I open the letter, I discard and recycle right then and there.  That clears out a lot of the paper clutter quickly.
Now for the fun part, let's look at some cool get organized gadgets to help you move forward with this task room by room...

*For holiday plates - for the stack of plates that only get used several times a year, Target has a handy Essentials Holiday Saucer Plate Storage that holds and stores 12 saucer sized plates.  I also used mine to hold some bowls as well. Once all of my holiday saucers and bowls were packed into the handy cloth box, I stored the box in my garage shelves to open up kitchen cabinet room since I most likely won't need the holiday plates until next year.  The Essentials line also offers storage holders for wine glasses, plates, cups and more.  I bought mine at for $6.23.
*For your overflowing kitchen drawer that won't close, try the Joseph Joseph Elevate 100 Kitchen Tool Set with Rotating Storage Stand that I found at the Container Store for around $70 and at  You get six big utensils that include a spatula, slotted spoon, spaghetti server and more.  Plus the grey stainless steel finish looks very clean and nice on top of the countertop for the external organizers.  I love having those much needed utensils right at my reach when I'm cooking.  And this opened up a lot of room in my crowded drawers.  I donated my older spatulas and big spoons to Goodwill since this new set has everything I need in one handy revolving and attractive holder.

*For ball caps, winter sweaters and more try the Household Essentials Vision Decorative Box which features  a clear, environmentally friendly PEVA front panel that allows you to see what supplies are stored inside. No more labeling or guessing when you need to find a stored item.  Use it for seasonal clothing, craft supplies, and more. It is covered in coffee linen, so this lidded box is an attractive addition to your storage area. Mine cost me $20.99 at
*For your stack of winter boots, try the Boot Butler that works for both his and her boots.  It organizes boots in half the space, prevents damage to keep boots looking like new, and keeps all boot styles organized, where they're easy to see, and access.  Boot Butler's unique modular design, allows it to be configured to fit virtually any closet and can be expanded to store any size boot collection.  Get a  5-pair boot rack for $69.99 or a 3-pair boot rack for $49.99 at
*For your jewelry that gets tangled up and misplaced, try the cute Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer by Umbra that sells at The Container Store for $19.99.  This cool gadget is a stylish way to store earrings, necklaces and bracelets. This two-sided organizer hangs on a rod or hook to maximize space and swivels so you can see your jewelry collection easily, with clear pockets on one side and hanging loops on the other. Since I moved all of my jewelry to this one device, I found a treasured necklace that I thought I had lost and I no longer have to untangle my chains.  Plus this can travel with you by car since it hangs, so if you are taking a road trip, this makes taking your accessories super simple.
*For your mountain of flip flops, simple take any box or buy a decorative cloth box and place each pair standing up, side by side.  I fit close to 10 pairs in one box and cleared a bunch of space off of my shoe rack for my other shoes.  Flip flops are thin enough that this tip works nicely and since we live here in sunny Arizona, most of us have a lot of flip flops.

Home Office:
*For loose change - not only does it pile up, but it can add up and become a nice little deposit in your savings account.  I found the Digital Count & Sort Bank at Target online for $8.98 and this stores the coins and counts them as they are placed in the machine.  Smart product.
*To clear off the desktop, I found a very decorative set of drawers that sit on top of a shelf or desk called the Drew Derose Desk Drawer Organizer.  I removed the clutter of what was a bottle of paperclips, a cup of pens, a stapler and more off of the desk and into this handy and pretty desk organizer.  I love mine that I ordered at for $39.99.
*Every single year I buy the attractive Best Box year box that The Container Store sells that displays the year all over the box prominently and it looks nice, too.  No more looking for a label with the year since this box declares it boldly all over. It holds plenty of letter and legal size folders, documents or books for filing, storage or moving. It's also perfect for storing children's artwork and photos by year. When not in use, it can be stored flat to save space.  I have one for the last three years and it has really helped me to clear out and organize the important papers from the previous year.  I buy mine every year for $3.49 at The Container Store.

For the Car:
*Keep the super cute 17 Essentials MiniEmergency Kit in your car and you will have everything you need at a moment's notice handy in your vehicle.  This tiny little kit that takes up little space has 17 essential female items like a safety pin, band aid, earring backs, clear elastics for hair, lip balm and more.  This also makes a fun gift idea.  I bought mine at The Container Store for $15.99.
What are your great get organized gadgets and declutter tips?  Share here in the comments section and remember to check my blog at for more ideas about how to keep our manic lives somewhat managed.  Happy Organizing!