3OYS recovers $12K in January

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Arrow Hayes captured 3 On Your Side's attention earlier this month when she explained she had an unresolved issue with Toys 'R' Us.
"I try to do a layaway every year because of the fact that (my daughter's) birthday and Christmas are so close together," Hayes told 3 On Your Side reporter Gary Harper. "That way, I can give her a good birthday and good Christmas all together."

Hayes said she used the online layaway plan offered by Toys 'R' Us to buy around 20 different toys for her daughter during the holidays. However, after paying off the entire bill in installments and on time, Toys 'R' Us charged an additional $169 to her account.

It's a mistake Hayes said she couldn't get the retailer to fix until 3 On Your Side got involved.

"I definitely feel like I would not have my money back if it wasn't for you guys," Hayes said. "So, thank you. I appreciate it."

In another report, Brian Morgan had a big problem with Western Union. Morgan said he tried using Western Union to wire $1,000 to his in-laws in Peru. However, after giving Western Union his debit card information, they wouldn't put the transaction through and then refused to return his $1,000.

Morgan said he'd been trying for months to get the money back.

"I'm desperate to the point that I need some help," Morgan said. "I need some heavy hitters. I need somebody that has some teeth."

So, 3 On Your Side got involved. After we asked Western Union to look into Morgan's issue, the company discovered its mistake and immediately sent him his money.

"I'm very grateful for Gary Harper and his team for working with me to accomplish this mission," Morgan said. "And, as of now, mission accomplished."

This past month, 3 On Your Side also helped some homeowers see the light -- so to speak -- with new shutters and blinds for their homes.

The two homeowners handed over a total of $3,600 to a shutter company owned by Chris Vezilj. Vezilj immediately closed up his business, kept their money and quietly disappeared.

But, after our report aired, two licensed window companies stepped up and installed blinds in both homes at deeply discounted prices, saving the homeowners several thousands of dollars.

"I just wanted to help," said Robert Mulvin, who works with All Pro Shade Concepts. "These people give these small contractors a bad name."

The homeowners said they owe it all to 3 On Your Side for our report and those contractors for their generosity.

"They are unbelievable," said Jessica Chubirka. "We definitely would not have anybody help us if we didn't contact them."

When you add up all these stories and others over the course of January, 3 On Your Side has managed to recover $12,107.96 for consumers. Not bad -- and February is yet to come