Match: Pas de Trois

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Match:  Pas de Trois

While the opening credits rolled, I already felt like I knew Tobi Powell, or certainly at least his ‘type.’  The 60-70ish Julliard trained dancer is a well-respected teacher with all the eccentricities you would expect from his ‘type.’  But there turns out to be so much more bubbling beneath the surface and Patrick Stewart as Tobi, can’t wait to show you.

“Match” is essentially a three person play.  When Tobi prepares to meet a special guest, it turns out to be a magazine writer who wants to interview him.  She brings along her sheepish husband, whose duty it is to record the conversation.

Tobi delights in sharing his colorful past and exploits around the world while wearing a dance belt.  But things take a weird turn when the journalist, and then her husband, seem to be preoccupied with his sexual exploits. Tobi begins to realize that the couple are not what they seem and have a secret agenda.

Patrick Stewart commands the screen at every turn.  The raconteur revels in the attention.  He is quick, witty and utterly charming.  Hey he even convinces a cop to smoke hash!  But when he is corned by truths best forgotten he turns defensive and angry.

Matching him at every turn is Carla Gugino as Lisa, the interviewer.  She is alternately sweetly inquisitive, no nonsense and ultimately vulnerable and bruised.  Mathew Lillard as her husband rises to meet Stewart’s and Gugino’s performances playing a character that has you scared and sympathetic at the same time.  The Pas de trois is a beautiful performance by three actors in total command of their craft.

To tell you more of the plot would ruin it for you.  But I must say I found the story to be fresh, original and very satisfying.  You might think you know where this is going, just like I thought I knew Tobi’s ‘type’.  But I was wrong.  And being wrong has never been so right!

“Match” whips up 3 &1/2 Red Vines for great performances in a fresh story


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