Super Bowl safety: Tips to stay safe in big crowds

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- With all the fun and excitement that comes with a stadium filled with thousands of screaming fans, there is also the potential for mishaps, accidents, and even violence.

On Thursday's Good Morning Arizona, we talked to Robb Corwin from Pride Group Event Security for some Super Bowl safety advice. His company has provided security for some of the Valley's biggest events, so he's got some experience keeping folks safe in crowds.

"We've done three Super Bowls, 12 Fiesta Bowls, 10 Phoenix Opens, Nascar races, concerts," he says.

Corwin says he has developed a system called "POPS" to teach people the best ways to stay safe while attending large events. POPS stands for Prepare, Observe, Patience, and Security.

"Go to the websites," he advises. "Know what to expect, from a parking standpoint to a recreational standpoint, to when can you get in and out, where can you drink and not drink," he says. "Just be prepared when you get down there."

He also says technology always has a possibility of failure. So be prepared in case you lose your phone or the network goes down. Make alternate plans and meeting points for folks in your party.

"Know your surroundings. Know where you are, know where exits are," he says. "If you see, something, say something."

"When you put that many people in one small confined space, there are going to be long lines, and traffic is going to be congested," Corwin says. "So don't put added stress on yourself by leaving late to go someplace. Plan way ahead."

"Lock your cars, don't take your valuables with you," he cautions. "Don't wear expensive jewelry where you're walking around. Don't walk in unfamiliar areas. Stay in well-lit areas."