3OYS: Major retailer finally exchanges bad appliance

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Patrick Shannon works in construction, so staying up on his laundry is important.

"I get dirty," he said. "Very. And then to not be able to wash your clothes, you just sit them in your basket and then the other clothes get dirty sitting on top."

So, when his washer and dryer recently broke down, Shannon said he headed over to a place called Conn's Home Plus in Phoenix. After shopping around, he dropped around $1,500 on a new, stackable washer and dryer.

"The deal was, if you buy the hoses and the electrical components for it through the store, then they'll deliver it for free and take away the old one and bring in the new one," Shannon said.

But as soon as the washer and dryer set was installed, Shannon tried to wash his first load of clothes. He said he was surprised and disappointed.
"I went into the laundry room and, sure enough, there was this loud squealing coming out of the dryer this time," he said.
In addition to the noise, Shannon claimed the washer didn't seem to be operating properly. To make matters worse, he said the dryer didn't seem to be working right either.
"Right away, I called and I said, 'There's something wrong with this,' " he recalled. " 'We need to get this figured out because you just delivered it.' "
Shannon said a repairman from Conn's came and inspected the unit, acknowledging the appliance was "defective." However, after nearly a month of complaining, he said he couldn't get Conn's to replace the appliance without being penalized for a restocking fee.
"They want to charge you like a 15 percent restocking fee, which means I've got to give them like $400 to take it back," Shannon said. "A machine that's been broken for the whole time I've owned it."
3 On Your Side contacted Conn's Home Plus and asked them to look into Patrick's issue. Once they did, they immediately exchanged and delivered a new appliance. They also allowed him to upgrade to a better model.
"I just think that 3 On Your Side is a great tool if you need it," Shannon said. "Because without it, a lot of people just feel like they're stuck."
3 On Your Side appreciates Conn's Home Plus getting involved at our request and resolving this matter for us as quickly as it did.