3OYS: Senior citizen left frowning after $13K dental procedure

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Richard Mason has quite a past. First, he proudly served his country. And even after he was honorably discharged, he kept on serving.

Mason spent nearly two decades on the Detroit Fire Department before finally retiring.

"The thrill that you get when you go in and you save one life," Mason explained, "that stays with you the rest of your life." 
Mason is proud of his career, but he's also proud of his cooking skills.
"I do the cooking," Mason said. "Good firemen are good cooks."
But he hasn't enjoyed much cooking lately because he hasn't been able to eat solid food in months. 
Back in September, Mason went to a dental office called iSmile in Glendale to have upper and lower implants put in.
The cost was more than $13,000, which he paid all upfront.
What did he get for that money?
"Nothing," Mason said. "I still have my old plate that's been there for 20 years."
He said iSmile never completed the entire $13,000 procedure. So, the retired firefighter asked for some of his money back.
"I'm upset that people would do this," Mason said. "I'm an old man. I'm over 80 years old. I don't need this aggravation in my life." 
From Mason's calculations, iSmile owes him around $5,000 for the remaining work they never did finish, but he said the dental office won't talk to him about any kind of refund.
"So, here's where I'm at today," Mason said. "No teeth, no money, no nothing,"
3 On Your Side got a hold of iSmile, and Julie McEntee agreed to look into the matter for us.
"It was a complete misunderstanding," Mcentee said. "There was a clerical error on his treatment plan."
Mcentee said once that clerical error was discovered, it was quickly corrected and resolved. What that means, she says, is that iSmile will not only be returning more than $5,000 to Mason, but they'll finish his dental procedure.
"He's getting a refund for $5,100 and he's also getting his lower denture with the four implants," Mcentee said. "They'll be attached to the implants on Saturday."
Mason said he'll be relieved to eat a good meal again.
"It's been difficult eating," he said.