Jennifer Lopez talks new movie, double standards

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By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson
By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson

Actress, singer, dancer, producer, fashion designer, author and all around celebrity Jennifer Lopez joined Good Morning Arizona this morning from New York to talk about her new movie, "The Boy Next Door." The film is a steamy thriller, co-starring Ryan Guzman.

"When I read the script, I just knew it would make for a super exciting thriller," she said. "As a producer of the film as well as being an actress in it, I’m super proud of how it turned out."

In the movie, Lopez plays an older teacher who develops a relationship with a handsome teenage boy next door. The content has people calling Lopez a "cougar," to which she has a few responses.

"There is a kind of unfairness that women get a label and men don’t when they date someone younger," she said. "I’ve dated one young guy my whole life, and right away they want to put a label on you. I just refuse, it’s unfair and it’s inaccurate."

"The Boy Next Door" hits theaters this Friday, Jan. 23.