Graphic testimony given Tuesday in Jodi Arias trial

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial resumed on Tuesday after a long weekend, as psychologist Dr. Robert Geffner took the witness stand once again.

Dr. Geffner testified in graphic detail, talking about the contents of Travis Alexander's messages to not just Jodi Arias, but also to other girls.

The defense is trying to show that victim Travis Alexander was an abusive and manipulative boyfriend.

"We are learning that Travis Alexander was a bit of a player," says courtroom blogger Jen Wood. "He liked to sext many women at the same time he was still seeing Jodi Arias."

"It supports their position that Travis Alexander treated women a certain way, presented himself to the Mormon community one way. But he was a highly sexual person, a little bit manipulative and controlling of women," says analyst Beth Karas.

Many of today's revelations were not heard during Jodi Arias' first trial, in which the jury was unable to decide on a death penalty. That's something Arias' defense team is trying hard to avoid this second time around.

"It may help the jury understand where Jodi Arias was coming from," says Karas. "It's not a defense to the murder; she's guilty of the murder, but it might convince some of them she doesn't deserve to die."

The Arias trial has garnered worldwide attention. On May 8, 2013, a jury convicted her of murdering her ex-lover Travis Alexander. And while they found her eligible for the death penalty, they could not unanimously agree to hand down the sentence.

Because of that, Judge Sherry Stephens declared a mistrial in the penalty phase of the trial.

After months of legal wrangling, a new jury was eventually impaneled, and a retrial of the sentencing phase began in October.