Couple celebrates 70 years of marriage

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- A Valley couple is celebrating an incredible milestone: 70 years of marriage!

Teenagers when they met, the closest wedding picture Harold and Dixie Flynn have of themselves was taken a couple months after they got married.

“I had seen her earlier, coming out of the Capitol Theater with a friend of mine, and she had that little plaid skirt on. And those legs! I fell right then; that was it,” said Harold.

On Tuesday, they celebrated 70 years of marriage.

“Don't let anybody kid you, it's not a smooth road. But that's okay you come through it,” said Dixie.

Of course they argued over the years, but one thing they tried never to argue about was money.

When things got rough, they turned to their faith and while divorce ends a lot of marriages today, it was never really an option for Harold and Dixie.

“Yeah, there have been a couple of times, forget it, but no, couldn't do that. Family is too important, all the kids, they had come to be a big part of my life,” said Dixie.

Photos from five generations proudly hang on Harold and Dixie's kitchen wall. And after 70 years of being together, you could tell the spark is still there.