Businesses beef up staffing for Super Bowl week

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Crews are transforming the area around University of Phoenix stadium into a "Super Bowl village," where big crowds are expected during the week of the big game.

Businesses in the area are gearing up making sure they’re fully staffed. Some businesses have already done their hiring, but others are still hiring staff for the big week.

"We're bringing in extra staff, serving staff and bartenders,” said Alan Krier with Opa Life Greek Cafe..

The restaurant is bringing in 25 percent workers more to cover the extra boom in business Krier expects his restaurant Opa Life Greek Cafe will get during Super Bowl week.

"Oh man. I can't even imagine what it would look like without that extra help. We'd be buried,” said Krier.

Krier said he's still looking to hire for Super Bowl week. "As of today, I’m looking for more bartenders,” said Krier. “Three or four at least.”

Old Town Glendale businesses said they plan to keep up with Super Bowl crowds by keeping their seasonal staff.

“I hired extra people for Glendale Glitters, and I have kept them on," said Hop Stop Diner’s owner.

Bitz-ee Mama's owners said they are also keeping their seasonal staff.

“For the Christmas season, we usually hire our Christmas crew who have come here every year for the last six years. And for the Super Bowl purposes and Pro Bowl, we kept the overflow,” said Kristine Ortega, owner of Bitz-ee Mama’s.

There are four new restaurants in Westgate, some of them opening just this week in anticipation of the Super Bowl festivities. We're told those restaurants have hired close to 100 people altogether.