Randy Johnson Hall of Fame cap to have D-Backs logo

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PHOENIX (AP) -- Randy Johnson will wear an Arizona Diamondbacks cap on his plaque in baseball's Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame made the announcement Friday.

Johnson had said it was out of his hands as to whether the cap would be from the Diamondbacks, from his previous team, the Seattle Mariners, or have no insignia at all.

Johnson said in a statement Friday that after thinking about the issue and conferring with Hall of Fame representatives, they came to the decision that "the Diamondbacks logo on my Hall of Fame plaque makes the most sense."

Johnson had his biggest success with the Diamondbacks, winning four consecutive Cy Young Awards and a World Series title.

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Johnson's full statement:

"After reflecting the last week and conferring with the Hall of Fame, we've come to the decision that the Diamondbacks logo on my Hall of Fame plaque makes the most sense. I want to express my most sincere thanks to all the teams I played for – Montreal, Seattle, Houston, the New York Yankees and San Francisco – and particularly all of the fans for supporting me. I'm very humbled by this honor."