3OYS: Valley woman says layaway plan took $169

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Arrow Hayes says whenever December rolls around, things get a little expensive.

"I have one daughter," Hayes told 3 On Your Side. "She just turned 4 years old on Dec. 2."

Hayes said that each December, she tends to go overboard buying gifts for her little girl. So, like many consumers, Hayes depends on layaway plans like the one offered at Toys 'R' Us.

"I try to do a layaway every year because of the fact that her birthday and Christmas are so close together, so that way I can still give her a good birthday and good Christmas all together," Hayes said.

And, by the look of things, her daughter scored big time with a lot of toys. As for paying for everything, Hayes said she made four separate payments to the Toys 'R' Us layaway program.

However, after paying everything in full and even getting a congratulations email, Hayes said Toys 'R' Us tapped into her bank account one more time for an extra $169.

"I immediately called Toys 'R' Us," Hayes said."I called their customer service line. The lady tried to argue with me and tell me that they didn't charge my card."

Well, they sure did. You can clearly see that mystery charge of $169 was taken right out of Hayes' bank account.

Since Hayes couldn't get Toys 'R' Us to listen to her on the phone, she voiced her concerns on social media, but Toys 'R' Us blocked her comments.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and asked the toy giant to look into her problem. They did, discovered the mistake, and immediately put that $169 back into her bank account.

After all, this single mom needs that money.

"I definitely feel like I would not have my money back if it wasn't for you guys," Hayes said. "So, thank you. I appreciate it."