Cell companies boost signals before Super Bowl

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Cell technology is undergoing a major upgrade around the site of the upcoming Super Bowl Game in Glendale.

"People go to games and want to use their phones for everything.  They want to get on Instagram, to share pictures and videos, and to do that you have to upgrade the network systems," explained Mike Kavanagh, with the cell solutions company Crown Castle.

Crown Castle has been working for a group of cellular companies to install new equipment, designed to allow security officers, media personnel, and fans to communicate without glitches or delays on Super Bowl Sunday.

The company spent the last six months building five new wireless networks, which should work seamlessly together around the Super Bowl site.

The networks are based at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the Renaissance Hotel, the Gila River Arena, the Westgate shopping area, and in the parking lots outside.

Crews installed hundreds of new antennas.  Most are hidden, disguised, or painted to blend in with surroundings.

"It means faster data speeds, more reliable voice coverage, and quicker uplink and downlink on devices," Aaron Lamoureux said.

More than 300 new cell antennas are up and running inside the Gila River Arena, where the Coyotes play.   More than 200 are at the University of Phoenix Stadium, and 250 installed at the Renaissance Hotel.

The new equipment will remain in place after Super Bowl Sunday, and continue boosting cell power for games and concerts for years to come.