Heroin addict worries she will die if she can't get clean

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- She describes being sexually assaulted, her father becoming distant, and what happened after she tried heroin to deal with it all.

We met Jennifer Price’s daughter Bianka for a frank discussion about the dark world in which she’s lived for years. She says heroin became her best friend and it has been the hardest friend to cut loose.

“I've been in some really bad, dark places,” Bianka Fisk said.

Bianka sat at the kitchen table with her sister and told us about her heroin addiction.

“The devil takes over, that's the only way I can explain it,” she said.  “Takes over your body, mind, soul, spirituality, everything.”

Bianka was released from a detox facility Monday and this is a happy intermission her family has seen before. She is only 19, but got her first taste of heroin when she was just 12.

“It was beautiful,” she said. “I can't explain it.  It was like being on a pink cloud.”

When she came home this time, Bianka had infected sores on her hands and left arm from shooting up.

“I was talking to my surgeon who did this,” she said.  “He said next time I get surgery on this arm, I'm going to lose this arm because of heroin.”

So far, Bianka's family has been able to repair her wounds, but have never been able to stop her from chasing that devil.

“When I get happy, I get scared,” Bianka explained.  “It makes me want to run away because there is so much to lose there, if that makes sense.”

It doesn't make sense to most of us.

Bianka speaks rationally about getting clean and doing it for family, because that's what she wants. But she's been here before. She knows the addiction is lurking and rehab won't be easy.

“I never want to use again,” she said. “But I've said that so many times. And it really scares me this time because I know if I go out and use again, it will be last time. I'm going to die.”


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