Does it pay to be pretty when looking to score Super Bowl jobs?

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- We've all heard the saying "It pays to be pretty." And it turns out that being attractive may pay off, at least during Super Bowl season. Some Valley women are hoping that's true, and they're relying on their good looks to earn some good cash during the events around the big game.

Colleen Lewis and Alexis Bommarito-Sobey admit their pretty faces likely helped them snag coveted spots working at several elite upcoming Super Bowl events.

"I think the pretty face is helpful, but who's to say? It's truly about what's going on inside, and we are girls that love to interact. We're social butterflies; we're not just hardcore party girls," said Bommarito-Sobey.

Both women have full-time jobs but just so happen to like the perks that come with being "door greeters" or "party minglers." Those are just some of the titles of jobs up for grabs for hundreds of Valley women, and it's all part of casting call opportunities for Super Bowl XLIX.

Recruiter Steve LeVine with Steve LeVine Entertainment says contrary to what some might think, they're looking for women with all types of skill sets, even though there's a perception with some people that they only hire beautiful women. "It's funny, when I'm looking for guy promoters, I never get a call for them from the media," he said.

Bonnie Yuen with Tempe based Push Marketing and Promotions says oftentimes these types of party promotion jobs can lead to something much more. "It's great for their resume. We're really well known and have one of the largest databases in the country, and I think having us on the resume as well as the brands they represent really helps them get to where they want to be in that career," she said.

"We work with lots of women who maybe don't think they're classically beautiful, but every woman is beautiful," said Lewis. "If you can come out and have a good energy about you and be a good contribution, then you're fit for the job."

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