3OYS: Phoenix man says Western Union won't return his $1,000

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Brian Morgan is a red-blooded American who proudly served his country. "This is one time when I was home on leave in my (USMC) Dress Blues," Morgan said, as he showed us photographs from his military service.

But, lately, this former Marine says he's been speaking to people in more foreign countries than when he was in service.

"I'm always being outsourced to another country," he said, referring to when he calls Western Union. "The address Western Union has on the internet has a phone number.  But the prompts will send you to the Philippines, or to Egypt or to Mexico and all points between."

Morgan says his problem started with Western Union when he tried to wire $1,000 to his wife's relatives in Peru.

But, after providing his debit card for the $1,000 transaction, Western Union took the money from his account and then, refused to wire the funds. "No sooner than after I gave them the money, the guy said, 'Sir, the area you're going to send this money has a high volume of fraud and we can't send the money.' So, I said, 'Fine.  Just put the money back into my account."

However, that was another problem because Western Union claimed to have a policy saying all returned funds have to be mailed to the sender.

Unfortunately, though, Morgan's address that he has on file with Western Union is different than his current address.  Morgan and his wife recently bought a new home, and the address of that new home is not recognized by Western Union.  As a result, Western Union won't forward him his $1,000.

Morgan says he complained to Western Union dozens of times but he kept being transferred to representatives out of the country where he had to explain his problem all over again.

Frustrated, and after fighting with Western Union for months to get his money back, Morgan contacted 3 On Your Side. "I'm desperate to the point that I need some help. I need some heavy hitters. I need someone who has some teeth."

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and Western Union agreed to investigate the matter for us. Once they did, they immediately forwarded Morgan his $1,000.

Morgan says he wonders if he ever would have gotten his money back if 3 On Your Side didn't get involved. "I'm very grateful for Gary Harper and his team for working with me to accomplish this mission.  And as of now, mission accomplished.