Pet detective, others, scouring Valley to find lost CA dog

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- An animal psychic, a pet detective and one very worried dog owner are all searching for a lost best friend that’s been missing since before Christmas.

Rocky the dog is a 13-year-old mix.  He went missing two days before Christmas while his owner, Katy Frame, was in the Valley visiting family. She’s searched nearly every day since then.

But on Tuesday, Frame has to head back home to Santa Monica, CA – with or without Rocky.

She’s put fliers up all over the neighborhood where Rocky was last seen, near 50th Street and Osborn.

“Some kids might have seen him yesterday. Yeah, running this way on this street,” said Frame, talking with a passerby who told Frame she’s had her eye out for the dog.  Lots of people have stopped Frame and asked about the progress of her search.

Sightings of Rocky have popped up between Thomas and Indian School from about 40th Street to 65th Street. Frame and her friends track the sightings on the Getting Rocky Home Facebook page.

“I have been going crazy.  I’ve been posting fliers everywhere.  I've been following sightings,” said Frame.  Making the search harder is the crutch Frame is hobbling around with after ankle surgery on her left leg.

Frame has also hired a pet detective and an animal psychic.

“Yes, I have expended all of my resources,” said Frame.

But so far Frame hasn't been able to reunite with her pup pal.

“I rescued him when he was a baby. I was working at a shelter and he got kennel cough so I took him home to foster him and ended up adopting him,” said Frame.

Frame last saw Rocky two days before Christmas while staying at a relative’s home.  The home has two bigger dogs that often roam the fenced-in backyard and so Frame didn’t think anything of letting Rocky frolic while the humans went to lunch.  When she got back, it looked like Rocky had slipped out a small hole in the fence that was too small for the other dogs to escape through.

“It's so frustrating. I’m exhausted,” said Frame.

A last-ditch all night search is on tap for Frame Monday into Tuesday.

“I've been up three nights straight,” said Frame.  She’s been using humane dog traps baited with fresh chicken to try and lure Rocky out of wherever he’s hiding.

On Tuesday, Frame must return to Santa Monica where work is piling up and her acupuncture business has been shut down to accommodate the search.  Once she leaves the Valley, Frame will be depending on the kindness of strangers and a cash reward to hopefully bring Rocky home.

“No questions asked, I just want my dog back," she said.

Rocky is a blonde, 40 pound mix with no tail and pink freckled nose.  Frame’s phone number is: 310-795-3353.