Young Valley ballerina heads to New York City

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A young Valley ballet dancer is getting the chance to take her talents to the Big Apple, and the sky's the limit!

15-year-old Gisele Bethea started dancing at age four, and is now one of the top ballerinas for her age. She's a student at the Master Ballet Academy in Scottsdale, and has already earned many accolades in competitions, both locally and internationally.

Later this month, she's headed to New York City to spend two weeks with the American Ballet Theater.

In fact, that company offered her a contract at the age of 14. But she deferred it, wanting to spend more time at home with her family and training with her coach. The company told her they would wait.

"It's...very exciting and new and adventurous," Gisele says. "I'm also excited to accept this opportunity because it's very rare."

It's taken years of training and countless hours of practice to get here. But it's now paying off.

"I've been working very hard and I'm glad that people are recognizing my hard work," she says.

"It's an honor to have a student so talented and so recognized already that the biggest companies in the world are asking for her and ready to hire her," her coach Slawomir Wozniak tells us.

Gisele's mom Heidi said one of her daughter's teachers first pointed out her star quality. "She explained to me that Gisele had something she felt was really special and really rare, and that should be fostered specifically for ballet," she says.