Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For All

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For All
by:  Rachel Harris,

I like Valentine's Day so I usually get little gifts for my hubs, kids and sometimes funny ones for my single gal pals to make them laugh on heart day.  Since the big day is one month from today, take a look at the fun stuff I found to celebrate your loved ones come February 14th.
For Your Valentine & Guy Ideas
*Jack Links Feed Your Wild Side Beef Jerky Valentine Heart ($5.99 at Walgreens) -- This is definitely a unique gift for the guys.  He still gets a heart box, but it is filled with beef jerky instead of chocolates which is fun and different.
*Grovemade Maple iPad Sleeve ($79 at -- For his iPad mini (iPad size is also sold), this handsome case is a handcrafted wood veneer sleeve for his iPad.  It contains premium German wool lining and a leather and brass pull strap to remove the device without leaving any scratches.  It is also available in an Oregon black walnut shade.
*Shutterfly 16 x 20 Metal Print Picture Series ($99.99 at -- One or several of your favorite pictures can be pieced together and displayed on a cool metal print that is ready for your loved one to hang.  I used my three favorite golf pics of my husband and my son from our trip to Maui and it came out beautifully. Watch the segment to see how mine turned out.
*Disney Perfect Match Photo Frame ($7.99 at Walgreens) -- Walgreens now sells Disney merchandise and the prices are a bit lower at the drug store, so if you want to give Disney Valentine's Day gifts, check out Walgreens for sure.  This frame is just one of the heart Disney gift items that are offered.  They have other items that work for everyone as well.  
For Kids
*Especially For You Arm Candy Gummy Lipsticks ($5.99 at Walgreens) -- This cute little container can function as a purse after the candy is gone and is filled with gummy candy that is shaped like little lipsticks.  Or add your daughter's favorite treat to the heart purse.
*Hershey's S'mores Kit with Mug ($9.99 at Walgreens) -- With a cute giant mug that says "I heart you S'mores" that is filled with all the ingredients needed to make smores, this is the perfect gift for your kids or a loved one.
For the Teacher
*#1 Teacher! Hollow Milk Chocolate Apple ($2.99 at Walgreens) -- The box is decorative and celebrates a beloved teacher on Valentine's Day and the milk chocolate that is shaped like an apple will be yummy, too.
For Friends
*My Other Cup is Wine Glass Coffee Mug ($12.99 at Teresa's Creative Gifts) -- This is such a funny and pretty and sturdy coffee mug and it comes in a pretty and decorative box, too.  This can be purchased online through this link....
*Emily's Dark Chocolate Fortune Cookies Friendship ($3.99 at Walgreens) -- For a gal pal or a friend, these fun fortune cookies contain a special message to make your friend smile.  Clever, unique and yummy.
*The Perfect Man Solid Decorated Milk Chocolate ($4.99 at Walgreens) -- For a friend who may feel a little down on Valentine's Day, make her laugh with this chocolate gift that is shaped like a man wearing heart boxers.  The box says that "he is sweet and decadently rich!  Just how a man ought to be!" and that will make her smile.
For All
*Russell Stover "You're One In A Billion" Solid Milk Chocolate Money Bar (99 cents at Walgreens) -- Wrapped like a one dollar bill, this chocolate bar has a sweet message and taste.
*Russell Stover I'm A Chalkboard Assorted Chocolates Heart Box ($6.99 at Walgreens) -- This can also work for a romantic gift as well, but I plan to write "to the best daughter a Mama could have" on the front of the box that I give to my girl.  Write or draw whatever you want since the face of this box is a chalkboard.  So cool!
*Shutterfly Photo Mini iPad Folio Case (54.99 at -- Make a collage of your loved one's favorite photos and Shutterfly can turn it into a personalized iPad mini case.
I also got the fun heart glasses and the heart bottle opener at Party City.  
What fun and unique ideas do you have for your Valentine?  Share in the comments section and have a Happy Heart Day come next month.  Be sure to check my blog at for more gift ideas, recipes, fitness articles and all kind of tips to make your manic life more managed.