Another blow for owners of dogs that died in Gilbert kennel

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Attorney John Schill had to break the news to his clients late Friday afternoon that a meeting he says had been set for weeks wasn't happening.

The meeting was to discuss the possibility of refiling animal cruelty charges against the owners of Green Acre Boarding facility.

Schill told CBS 5 he received an email from Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery about noon Friday canceling it.

"He gave the reason of publicity. There was too much publicity for the meeting. And that's why he canceled," Schill said.

Dog owners held signs and stood in protest on the steps of the County Attorney's Office. Many took off work early or made other arrangements to be here.

Jane Miller's dog Roxy died at the facility owned by Jesse and MaLeisa Hughes.

"I'm really angry. I'm angry at the County Attorney. It's very disrespectful what he did," said Miller.

Schill said he doesn't plan on rescheduling.

"My clients are very disappointed. They're starting to think that Bill Montgomery is either intimidated by the defense attorney or politics are coming into play because it doesn't seem like Bill Montgomery is going to make these animal cruelty charges come back," Schill said.

CBS 5 reached out to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office to get their side of the story. A spokesperson said they couldn't comment on a pending case.


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