Valley business owner warning people about car repair scam

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A local business owner is warning the Valley about a scam targeting people trying to get their cars fixed.

Mike Bennett has been building his reputation as the Dent King for 25 years. But in just the past couple weeks, he said somebody has been trying to destroy his good name and A+ Better Business Bureau rating. 


“Twenty-five years I haven't had one complaint and I'd like to keep it that way,” said Bennett. “(They’re) pretending they're me. They're actually saying they're Mike Bennett the Dent King, and it's not true.”


Bennett said scammers have been going up to people in random parking lots and handing out his business cards, calling themselves the Dent King and offering to fix dents. But Bennett said the scammers don’t fix a single thing and instead take a lot of money to ruin cars. 


“Last week, I had a gentleman come up to me when I was leaving my home and said, ‘Hey, your company did this to my car.’ And what had happened is they spray painted the car and they duct taped the bumper,” Bennett said.


The scam has escalated to creepy proportions as well. 3TV spoke to one female victim on the phone (she didn't want to be identified), who said the scammer was pushy and even rubbed his body up against hers by leaning into her car while pretending to show her something that was wrong. She called the police after he left. 


Bennett said there are many legitimate dent-removal specialists and he just wants to make sure people are using the reputable guys instead of getting scammed. 


“It's bad for our business and it's bad for the people that they're taking advantage of,” Bennett said.


Bennett and the victim both said the scammers are targeting people in Scottsdale, and they've both called police. 3TV has reached out to Scottsdale PD for an update on the case.