Smartphone app lets you sell your photos

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Cellphones have evolved to the point where they are taking pretty amazing pictures. And now people are getting paid for those pictures.

We met a Valley woman who's made a little extra money from the pictures she would have taken anyway.

Digital photography has changed the way we share our world. We get hundreds of pictures each week through our AZFamily website, and so many more come in through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“You can just push a button, take a picture and it uploads it,” said Roxann Cardenas. “That's it. Done.”

Cardenas takes a lot of pictures and shares them online. One day she saw an ad for Scoopshot.

“I was a little hesitant to even try it,” she said. “I post pictures to Instagram and nobody pays for those. Everyone looks at those for free. I thought I would give it a shot.”
You can post anything you want to Scoopshot, but there are also tasks, pictures for which ad companies, magazines and newspapers are looking. Cardenas says she likes to focus on those.
“I uploaded a picture of a beer,” she said. “They wanted festive drinks. It had lights behind it. It's interesting what some people want.”
Cardenas sold a picture of sheep, a leaf holding a droplet of water and a plant after a rainstorm. She’s made $35 on her pictures so far, but the user controls the price through the app. If it’s a once-in-a-lifetime picture, make the price $500.

There are reports of one man in Europe who made almost $20,000 snapping away, but it's best to keep the money expectations modest. 

Cardenas loves photography and would have taken the pictures anyway, but a little financial incentive makes it more interesting.
An important note about privacy with this app and others: the user controls the settings. You decide if you want them to know your name to give you a photo credit. You also have to decide whether to release the location of where your photo was taken.

Scoopshot says if you're snapping news pictures, they want to have the location for authenticity. And in general, photos with location information sell better.