3OYS: Nursing student says BBVA Compass Bank lost $5,337

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- When Bret Contreras talks with his fiancee, Diana, the conversation should center around her return to Arizona. But instead, he says they find themselves constantly talking about BBVA Compass Bank and what the bank did to them.

"It's borderline theft," Contreras told 3 On Your Side. "You go to a bank to protect your money and they did the complete opposite."

According to Contreras, Diana is in a specialized nursing program that requires her to travel from state to state for brief periods of time and work at hospitals.

Contreras said their finances fell apart when on a recent visit back home to Phoenix, Diana logged on to her BBVA Compass bank account to check her balance.

"She started saying, 'This is weird. It's saying I have no money. I don't understand it. What's going on?' And I said, 'Call them, call them right now,' " Contreras recalled.

3 On Your Side reviewed the bank account print-out, and it clearly shows Diana's account had $5,337 one day and the very next day the entire amount was cleaned out.

BBVA Compass Bank acknowledged closing down Diana's account and reportedly mailed her a cashier's check for the full $5,337. But here's the catch: Contreras and his fiancee never received the check.

BBVA Compass told the couple up to 120 days would have to pass before another check would be issued.

"They keep saying, 'Well, this is the bank's policy,' " Contreras said. "But we're trying to explain to them, your policies are ridiculous. We need our money."

Unfortunately, though, Contreras says BBVA Compass wouldn't do anything.

3 On Your Side got involved, and although BBVA Compass Bank wouldn't explain to us why they chose to close down Diana's account without any kind of notice, the bank did agree to resolve the issue quickly.

With that said, bank officials immediately instructed Diana to go to a specific BBVA Compass Bank in Texas where she was completing her nursing school requirements.

Banking employees in Texas personally handed over all $5,337 in the form of a cashier's check to Diane. In other words, she wouldn't have to wait 120 days for them to find that missing check and issue another one.

Contreras and his fiancee say the issue is a weight off their shoulders because waiting 120 days for that money would have been impossible.

They said they owe it all to 3 On Your Side for getting them their money.

"Keep it up, Gary. Keep doing your thing. It's great to have you on our side and fighting these fights that can't really be solved in a court or legally. It's good to have Gary on our side," Contreras said.