Health and beauty products for the new year

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

1. In 2015, you can also have healthier hair!  Did you know that working out (a popular New Year's resolution) can seriously damage your hair? The salt released when you  sweat can cause long-term problems, including dryness.  Hair Warrior is the remedy!  This is a brand new, all-natural solution that you apply to your hair before working out.  It reduces frizziness, preserves color and adds volume and shine. Hair Warrior is Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free and contains natural botanicals and essential oils.  The main ingredients in Hair Warrior include: Quinoa, Bamboo, Organic Argan Oil, Green Tea and Eucalyptus.  No parabens, no gluten and no formaldehyde.  Hair Warrior was created by 2 Valley yogis -  it's made in the U.S.A. and fans say it is the best new invention for your hair since shampoo! Sold online or at various Village gyms and local yoga studios.

2. Speaking of your hair - if you want longer hair this year, no need to wait! We tried and loved Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes … a new, less painful and pricey to wear extensions! Secret Extensions slide in like a headband. Comes in 11 different salon colors to add body, length and volume to your mane!

3. From hair to makeup - we have an on-the-go makeup bag like you've never seen! Dollup Beauty is not your Mother's cosmetic bag - it's an innovative, safe and secure way to safely transport makeup! An estimated 91% of women carry a beauty product in their handbag and two-thirds of women apply makeup on-the-go. Dollup makes that sometimes frustrating task much easier because the hard case protects and secures your daily essentials-no more dirty or broken cosmetics-while a convenient hinge feature allows the case to open flat for easy access to all of your makeup.  Dollup includes a customizable magnetic palette for all of your eye shadow, blush, lip gloss pots, plus elastic holding bands for brushes and an interior drop-down mirror. Everything you need to doll-up, touch-up and go! It's so chic, most people think it's a trendy clutch! Available in pink, black, blue, and nude. $45.

4. We all love nail polish - but hate the toxic smell of the remover! Here's a first in nail polish innovation: Play, Love, Laugh nail polish doesn't smell, doesn't require smelly remover and it comes in shimmery, swank shades of almost every color in the rainbow. Play, Love, Laugh was created for young girls, but it's great for young at heart, eco-conscious women too. It's made of fruits, veggies - including: lemon juice, beets, carrots, spinach, black currants, acerola cherry and some sugar and natural minerals. It's also gluten free, vegan, eco-friendly and can last for an average of 5 days, then it peels right off with water.

5. Now to your skin - it's your bodies largest organ so how about treating it better? LUSH has just come out with massage bars - basically solid body lotions free of preservatives. We love the Percup, with whole coffee beans and caffeine powder (Caffeine is said to help fight cellulite) and Shades of Earl Grey for its lemony herbal scent! It's also important to exfoliate and at LUSH the scrubs don't contain synthetics - rather naturally preserving ingredients such as tofu and honey. Three best sellers are the Ocean Salt face & body scrub, the Dream Cream body lotion for sensitive skin and the Mask of Magnaminty to control breakouts….

6. How about vowing to accessorize in the new year? You'll love Hot Jewels Temporary Tattoos! The hottest trend to hit the runway is easy and inexpensive tattoo jewelry. Hot Jewels is so much fun - with 4 different collections you can spice up any look day or night and accessorize with tattoo jewelry.