Recovered backpack brings two strangers together in Sedona

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GILBERT, Ariz. --- A Gilbert man's good deed is spreading in the world of social media.

Zach Walker was on a business delivery trip in Sedona, when he spotted a black backpack hanging by a road.

Walker opened it, and found a laptop, passport, Green Card, credit cards, and more.

He used a checkbook from the bag to track down its owner.

Sashi Vijayan was moving from California to Texas, and had stopped to tour Sedona.  He misplaced his bag there, and thought it was gone forever.

"It was basically my life in a bag.  It had everything of value in it and things which could not be replaced," Vijayan told 3TV from his home in Austin, Texas.

Walker called Vijayan, and arranged to drop the bag off in person at his Sedona hotel.

"It felt so good to do something like that, and I could see the relief on his face," Walker said.

As the two men visited, Vijayan took out his checkbook.   Walker resisted any payment.

"I thought it'd give me bad karma," he said, "I told him I don't want anything."

Vijayan insisted, and wrote a check for $1,000.

"He didn't just give back a bag with things in it. He gave me back my life.   He gave me peace of mind, which is invaluable," Vijayan said.

"I just started crying. The emotion was incredible," Walker remembers, accepting the check.

He and his wife have been saving to pay for attorney and INS fees in order for his stepsons to become United States citizens.   The check will go toward that effort.

Vijayan was happy to help the good Samaritan.

"It changes your perspective and makes you want to help others because someone helped you," he said.