Residents of Surprise community fight to save trees

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Some residents in Surprise are fighting to keep some trees from being cut down in their neighborhood.

About 100 neighbors from the Sarah Ann Ranch community stood together to form a human chain on Sunday. Their goal? To keep the citrus trees near 175th Avenue and Cactus from being cut down by APS for a project approved decades ago.

New power lines are going in and the trees are in the way. Frustrated neighbors say they didn't know about the project, and believe the new power lines will ruin the view and landscape.

"You're going to have these high-tension lines up here that are even bigger than those," says resident Don Williams. "Right across this area on this greenbelt. They could just move it right across the road."

In response, APS has stopped the project until they can at least meet with the HOA next week to come up with a solution.