Simple & Spirited Super Bowl Food & Decor Ideas

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Simple & Spirited Super Bowl Food & Decor Ideas 
by:  Rachel Harris,

Great Grilling Tips:

*To spiral a hot dog for a nice presentation for easy topping placement, simply place the dog on a skewer and then turn hot dog while slicing about halfway through the meat.  

*Put the condiments in a muffin tin for a cool presentation and a handy way to carry and serve all the fixings in one easy dish. 

*Spray meat on the grill with apple juice for tenderness and taste. 

*Place an ice cube in the burger patties before cooking to get juicer hamburgers.

Easy & Appealing Appetizer Ideas:

*See the segment to see the fun football themed cracker platter that I found on Pinterst and made for the show.  It includes round crackers, cheese squares, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese sticks and together it looks like a football field. 

*I had to have the adorable mini beer mugs that I found on Amazon to pair with sliders  A big party hit for sure.  Get yours at

Spirited Seahawk Seven Layer Dip Idea

*I love the 7 layer mini dip cups that I found on Pinterest.  So easy to make and everyone loves that they get their own individual serving.  Make your 7 layer dip the way you always would, but use food coloring to make the sour cream blue so you get the blue sour cream and the green guacamole to get the Seattle Seahawk colors.  Top each individual cup with blue and green tortilla chips.  See the segment to see the cups.

Super Simple New England Patriots Cute Candy Cups

*Party City sells colored M&Ms, so grab a few bags of the candy in the red, blue and white colors to make individual red, white and blue candy cups. 

Peppy Party Decor

*Visit Party City for a big selection of football and Super Bowl themed table cloths, cups, decor and more.  See the segment to see all of the stuff that I found. 

*Make your centerpiece a game like the one I found at Party City that doubles as a ring toss that can be played during half time and the fact that someone wears this on his or head will have everyone laughing and participating. 

*Decorate on the cheap with solid color paper plates, silverware and cups in your team colors that can be purchased at the Dollar Store. 

What are your fun Super Bowl party ideas?  Share here in the comments section and Happy Super Bowl party time!  Remember to check my blog for more food and drink ideas for your entertaining needs at under the Food Section.