AAA: Cars that could change your life in 2015

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

As an automotive resource, AAA has taken a look at 2015 model year vehicles and put together a list of cars with some new and unique features:

Ford F-150

-Made out of aluminum instead of steel.

-It is roughly 770 pounds lighter, affording a 20 percent boost in fuel economy.

-Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable, where steel is not, which massively cuts the carbon dioxide emitted because every scrap of aluminum can go back into making more Ford trucks.

-Base price: $25,420

Chevrolet Trax

-Here's a New Year's prediction for 2015 you can take to the bank: "Little SUVs are going to be the next big thing."

-Small SUVs like the all-new Chevy Trax are heading to dealerships right now and more are following throughout the year from Honda, Mazda, Audi, Mercedes, Fiat and more.

-Taller and easier to get into than traditional hatchback vehicles, they have good visibility and loads more cargo space.

-Base price: $20,120

Alfa Romeo

-After a 20-year hiatus, Italian sports car maker Alfa Romeo is back in the U.S. and car lovers everywhere should rejoice.

-Famous for its performance, quirky design and unusual features, it returns with the dazzling 4C coupe.

-It's a pint-sized car with carbon fiber construction, an advanced engine and a transmission that delivers exceptional performance and fuel economy.

-Base price: $53,900

Ford Transit Connect

-Originally designed as a small delivery vehicle, Ford is the first manufacturer converting this car into people-haulers for those don't want the stigma of driving a minivan.

-Available as both a five- and seven-seat vehicle, it's smaller than a traditional minivan but as roomy inside and easier to drive and park.

-A fully loaded one can cost from $10,000 to $15,000 or less than a minivan.

-Base price: $24,710

Jeep Renegade

-Based on a Fiat platform, the all-new Jeep Renegade is in a class of its own.

-The Renegade is all "Jeep" including its coveted "Trail Rated" designation, popular with off-road enthusiasts. It will have convertible-like airiness with removable roof panels and a high standing ground clearance for off-roading capability.

-Base models start under $20,000

If you're interested in one of these vehicles -- or any new vehicle in 2015 -- give AAA Car Buying a call. This is one of the many services AAA provides as an automotive resource.