CenturyLink glitch ties up nearly 200 child support payments

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PHOENIX -- A glitch in a system that distributes court-ordered child support payments made the holidays a bit difficult for nearly 200 Arizona families.

CenturyLink electronically withdraws money from the paychecks of employees whose wages are garnished for child support payments. Those funds are sent to the Arizona Department of Economic Services, which then makes deposits into recipients' bank accounts.

That was supposed to happen earlier this month, but it did not. A CenturyLink spokesman said an error in a computer file caused the delay.

CenturyLink said the file was sent to DES about two weeks ago, but parents on the receiving end of the payments said they did not get money they were counting on in time for Christmas.

CenturyLink said it was made aware of the problem with its file Monday. The error was fixed and the file re-sent to DES that day.

At least one parent who was expecting a deposit Dec. 12 told an Arizona newspaper that she still had not received her money by Christmas Eve.