Family tries to raise money for little boy in hospital

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX - Imagine how it feels to be a parent, and wake up one day to find out that your little boy had no idea who you were.

It's a tragic situation one Valley family is facing this holiday season. And what's worse is that doctors don't know what's wrong with the boy, and are calling his condition a medical mystery.

"He just wasn't there anymore," says mom Christene Lyons about her young son Seth. She has spent the past month trying to figure out what's wrong with him.

"He was happy; he was healthy," she says. "He was a normal little five-year-old. It just happened really fast."

Lyons recalls the day back in November when she had to take Seth to the ER.

"He didn't know his own name," she says. "He didn't know who I was."

What started as a fever a few days before turned into something else. Seth was in a coma for a month. Now he's lying in a hospital bed, and doctors just don't know what's wrong.

"The hardest thing for me to grasp is the night before he was at my baby shower, and he was running around with all the kids and riding bikes and playing games and jumping on me. And the next morning he was just sick," says his aunt Brittaney Mrazek.

Seth's family members have been trying to raise money for medical expenses, including holding a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings at Westgate.

Lyons is a single mom. And Seth has a twin sister. All the time at the hospital has been challenging both financially and emotionally.

"She's balancing between trying to keep a normal relationship with her daughter and be strong for her son," says Mrazek.

But the hardest part for the family is is not having an answer. In the past month, little Seth has had four lumbar punctures, a muscle biopsy, a brain biopsy, and more labs than anyone can count.

"I need to be able to stay with him," says his mom. "I need to be able to afford all the things he needs and his sister needs and I need to be able to stay with him."

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