Winter Flair for the Holidays

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Winter Flair for the Holidays                    

Alexa Salari, Savvy Fashionista

Twitter: @lexasal 

It’s officially the holiday season. We’ve decorated our homes, lit those delicious smelling candles and now it’s time to enjoy it all with family and friends. So whether it’s a nice dinner with family or a fancy office party, these next few looks are perfect for that more formal occasion. 

Formal, Holiday Inspired Looks

1. Glamorous Red Dress

2. Sleek Black Jumpsuit

3. Sheer Royal Blue Dress with Gold Accents

For the first look, I love this unique take on the wrap dress. Instead of the V-neck, we have this elegant boat neck with the long sleeve dress. I found this look at Macy’s, the dress for $34! I love the pleated effect that’s happening at both the top and bottom of the piece. Plus, this extremely saturated red color gives the dress that glamorous touch—so glamorous it looks like the color of the Hollywood red carpet. It’s definitely a stand out look, so it’s nice to have this added flap at the bottom of the dress to give it more depth and movement. I’ve also added gold and black accents with the belt and shoes to break up this really vibrant color.

Really the key is to balance bold colors with the right amount of accessories, and you’ll see this in the next few pieces. 

For the second look, while there’s no problem in throwing on your favorite little black dress this holiday season, be a little daring and try out a little black jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was a big trend throughout 2014. I found this look from Macy’s for $47, it’s just such a stunning piece: from the jet-black color, to the V-neck draping at the top, with this ruching detail at the bottom of the pant. I’ve also glammed the look up a bit with the addition of a floppy hat and a crystal turquoise statement necklace to make the jumpsuit come to life a bit more.

For the third look, I’m bringing back another big trend from this year, royal blue. I found this piece from Macy’s for $35. I love the polka dot gold accents throughout the dress—and I’m not the biggest polka dot fan to begin with (but these are not as evenly placed, they are positioned more randomly throughout the garment). Plus, there is this unique tie neck addition at the top of the dress, which gives the outfit that chick touch.

Unique Looks for the Holidays

4. Women’s Pant Suit (Black and White)

5. Plaid Top with Solid Skirt (Cherry Plaid Top, Black Skirt)

6. Preppy Plaid Blazer

You’ll more than likely to go to at least one holiday party this season. So granted there are going to be a ton of ladies wearing a variety of dresses, but I say switch things up a bit and go for a really elegant pantsuit.

For the first look, this mix of masculine and feminine attire has been a huge trend for this year. We’ve seen a number of celebs rocking the lady pantsuit on the red carpet. I’m giving it more of a formal feel by mixing black and white with this blazer, which I found from Macy’s for $30! But it’s really all about the fit with this look. Too baggy of the black slacks can add fabric where we don’t want it, and that’s not flattering. So just make sure that matching pair of pants are fitted to accentuate your body shape.

For the second look, plaid is very much in style during the winter. However, I’m amping up the casual plaid shirt by pairing it with an elegant black pencil skirt. Plaid is very much a busier kind of print. So in order to bring out the many different colors within the shirt (like this navy blue and cherry red), add a solid colored skirt like this black one. Of course, we can’t forget to accessorize. A statement necklace works perfectly to give this outfit the touch of bling that it needs.

For the third look, if you’re invited to a holiday party that’s not necessarily formal but you still want to look sophisticated, a blazer is a great way to go! It’s always my go-to when I can’t figure out what to wear. I found this piece from Macy’s for $35! It incorporates plaid with these festive hues like navy, red and green in the plaid stitching. It’s very much a more preppy kind of look with the skinny jeans and leather-riding boots (casual but still very stylish).