Tom Zenner offers new book 'Giant Dynasty'

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Looking for a gift for the true sports fan in your life? There's a new book you'll want to check out.

Every moment and every emotion of the 2014 season from Opening Day until the parade in downtown San Francisco is captured in "Giant Dynasty," a 144-page commemorative coffee table book written by Tom Zenner, former sportscaster and former voice of the Phoenix Suns.

Zenner has written and published 27 sports championship and pop culture event books over the past seven years, and this is his latest.

"What we do is create these instant books when a team wins a championship," says Zenner.

Using high-quality photos from the Associated Press, Tom captures some of the best moments in sports history, documenting the memories in pictures and words.

"What we try to do is allow fans, whether they are long-time hard core fans, or casual fans swept up in a championship run, to enjoy and cherish the memories of a championship season forever," says Zenner. "These seasons are special. Fans invest great amounts of emotion and time living and dying with every moment, and we take very seriously our responsibility to pick the perfect photos, strike just the right tone on the descriptions and recaps, and select the most relevant and entertaining quotes, stats and fun facts to make the season live on forever."

All the content in the book is written specifically for that team, and it's all original and fresh. Zenner's team chooses all the photos from tens of thousands of options from the Associated Press.

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