Dating expert gives tips on dating during the holidays

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The holidays can be stressful enough. But if you're dating someone, there's a whole new slew of issues to address.  Do you exchange gifts? Should you spend Christmas together?

On Thursday's Good Morning Arizona, we had a dating expert give us some of the "Dos and Don'ts" of holiday dating.

Heather Jones is a writer who puts a light-hearted yet honest spin on casual dating and relationships.

We first asked her if you should skip the holiday hoopla altogether, if you're in a new relationship. She says that if you're casually dating several people at once, or you're in a new relationship, then yes, skip the holidays and focus on your friends and family. 

She says you can hang out here and there, but try not to spend too much time together as it tends to dramatize feelings.

We also wondered about giving gifts, and whether the money you spend should correlate with how long you've been together.

Heather says that the money you spend should definitely correlate with how long you've been together. But that's if you're exclusive. If you're dating several people, Heather advises forgoing gift-giving altogether, or if anything, just get that person a cute little token of affection for under $20.

Then there's the issue of holiday parties. If you're casually dating several people, Heather advises not taking anyone to a holiday party because you never know who you might meet there. If you're getting pressure to bring a date, she says to pick the one that is least likely to embarrass you. She also doesn't advise taking a date to a holiday party unless you're exclusive and have been dating more than 6 months.

There's also so much pressure around New Year's Eve. It's always a safe bet to make plans with your friends first, then plan to meet up with someone after midnight.  If you really want a date and you're dating several people, Heather suggests picking the one who is the most fun and won't create any drama.

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