Christmas crook steals man's electronics, new puppy

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A Christmas crook broke into a Chandler man's home, and got away with not only a bunch of his electronics, but also his new puppy. "When you get your personal first dog, it's awesome and that was my life, like my kid, and now he's gone," said Chris White.

The first thing White says he would do when he came home was look for his dog in the back door window. Monday, that three-month-old puppy face was not there.

"My first instinct when I get home is to look right here, because I'll shove the door loud so my dog will hear me, and my dog will wait right here for me, and I instantly look and see this broken," said White.

White's home near Dobson and Frye had been ransacked sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 Monday morning. All the electronics in the place are gone. "Two TVs, two plasmas, a PS4, a PlayStation 3, a Mac Book a hard drive," said White.

They're things White says are replaceable. But he say whoever broke in also took his brand new pit bull puppy named Mellow, and the dog treats too.

"They were the bacon ones. They were on top of my refrigerator in the house," said White. White says he'll work to replace the TVs and computers, but he misses his two walks a day with Mellow and he just wants his dog back.

"He's my life. That's my dog. Man's best friend. Come on, steal someone's dog? Steal my TV, not my dog," said White.

The Chandler Police Department is investigating. Officers looked for prints, but believe whoever broke in was wearing gloves.

Meanwhile, White says he's talking to neighbors and making fliers to try to get back his dog.