Thieves find themselves caught on camera during burglary

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX - Police are looking for suspects caught on camera in a Phoenix home, stealing anything they could get their hands on. The crooks are on the run, but they left behind the DVR that recorded the crime.

The break-in occurred shortly after 4:00 p.m. Monday afternoon. Surveillance cameras captured a man casing the property near 40th Avenue and Dunlap. The suspect could be seen tiptoeing back and forth before he found an unlocked window and slipped through.

"I was just enraged. I was just mad and emotional," said burglary victim David Piala. He wasn't home when the thieves wiped him clean of electronics, Christmas presents and even firearms.

At first the suspects didn't realize they were under surveillance, but once the female suspect spotted a large monitor sitting on the dresser with four screens, she walked out, frantic, and on her phone.

Moments later the video cuts out. "They were smart enough to unplug it but they were dumb enough to leave the entire DVR behind," says Piala.

Detectives were able to grab prints and DNA evidence, and will be carefully examining the surveillance video.

Police say, often, awareness is key.

"We still don't seem to know our neighbors and our neighbors are one of the best assets for protecting our property. Get to know your neighbors; suspects look for routines," said Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes.

Piala also says he's going to add additional security measures to his home. Phoenix Police are asking anyone with any information on this burglary to come forward.