10 Easy food swaps that can boost your energy

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- We could all use some extra energy during this busy holiday season. One nutritionist says finding that energy could be as simple as swapping out some of the foods in your diet.

Certified holistic nutritionist Jolene Goring tells why these simple changes can make a big difference.  

"It's really simple," she says. "You can save money, you can be healthier, have more energy and lose weight by making simple swaps."

Jolene says all of these foods can be found at regular grocery stores, or ordered online. The cost is the same (sometimes less expensive) for the healthier option!

1. Swap juice for whole fruit. Why? More fiber and less sugar. This combination will keep you full, longer, and not cause your body to store these calories as fat.

2. Swap soda for sparkling water or stevia. Why? Avoid the chemicals and sugar! Make your own soda with fresh lemon, berries, and flavored stevia. We are in the middle of flu season and keep in mind that extra sugar makes your immune system weaker.

3.Swap an energy drink for green tea (drink or supplement). Once again, avoid the chemicals and sugar. Energy drinks stress your nervous system, so you get a huge crash once they wear off. Use green tea to get a natural boost with no crash. You will also save money. Most energy drinks are at least $2 each, while green tea costs just pennies per serving.

4.Swap iceberg lettuce for dark greens. Iceberg lettuce has essentially no nutritional value. Swap for dark greens and you will get more nutrients which will keep you full longer, and also antioxidants to detox your body (very important during this holiday season!)

5.Swap store bought salad dressing for oil and balsamic vinegar. Avoid the prepackaged dressing and easily make your own. This helps you to avoid hidden sugar, sodium, and ingredients you can't pronounce  that don't belong in your body.

6.Swap cereal for oatmeal. Most cereals have lots of sugar and very little fiber - this means that you're hungry an hour later. Oatmeal keeps you full longer and actually binds to fat and toxins in your body to help you detox and even lower cholesterol.

7.Swap flavored yogurt for plain Greek yogurt. This will increase the protein and avoid all of the sugar. Flavor it with fresh fruit, honey, and nuts.

8.Swap Ice cream or milkshake for a protein smoothie. You can make a healthy smoothie that tastes like almost any of your favorite ice cream flavors! Add more ice and frozen banana to increase the thickness as desired.

9. Swap out your big plate, and try eating your food off a smaller plate. This will trick your mind into thinking that you're eating more!

10. Swap your fork for chopsticks, because this will cause you to eat slower. If you don't have chopsticks, try eating with your opposite hand!

Jolene Goring, Certified Holistic Nutritionist
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