Phoenix man claims repair shop has kept his Land Rover for 11 months

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By Brad Denny By Brad Denny

PHOENIX -- Noel David owns a repair shop near 16th Street and Broadway in Phoenix called Noel's Express Auto Service.

The reason 3 On Your Side visited the business centers around a black 2004 Land Rover sitting inside the shop. When 3 On Your Side asked David why after 11 months the Land Rover still isn't repaired, David told 3 On Your Side he'd rather finish eating his lunch than speak with me about the Land Rover.

Abe Guzman says David has told him similar statements before. Guzman says the Land Rover belongs to him and his mother, but the vehicle has been inside Noel's Express Auto Service since early February.  

"I purchased the car years ago because I fell in love with it," Guzman tells 3 On Your Side.

The car, Guzman says, was always dependable. However, nearly 11 months ago, Guzman says he and his mother broke down on I-17 in central Phoenix. Guzman says he then looked up a towing service on his smartphone.

The tow truck driver arrived, and according to Guzman, recommended a repair shop that could fix the Land Rover for half the price that the dealer would charge.  

"I said, yeah that's fine. It sounds like a great deal. We'll go ahead and do that," Guzman remembered telling the tow truck driver. 

The shop that was recommended was Noel's Express Auto Service.  

Once the Land Rover was there, Guzman claims David agreed to repair it for $3,500. Guzman says his mother paid $1,500 on her credit card up front, and a month later, she agreed to pay an additional $2,000, once again put on her credit card.

However, 11 months later and after paying all that money, Guzman says his Land Rover continues to sit inside Noel's Express Auto Service.

With no Land Rover, Guzman and his mom say they have been forced to drive around in an old, beat-up pick up pickup truck they own. That truck is has a passenger side door that was hit in a collision years ago and doesn't even open.

Wanting their Land Rover back, Guzman contacted 3 On Your Side.  After all, nearly 11 months seems like more than enough time to repair the vehicle.

However, the response I received wasn't what I was expecting.

We found Noel David inside the shop, but he was eating his lunch. When questioned about Guzman's Land Rover and the length of time he's had the vehicle, David continued to eat and ignored my questions. The only thing he told 3 On Your Side was that he was hungry and that it's lunch hour. Although he never told 3 On Your Side to leave his business on this visit,  we decided to visit him on another day.  

"When you want to talk about that Land Rover, let me know," I told David. However, he never called us.

In the meantime, Guzman told 3 On Your Side that he was frustrated and tired of waiting any longer so he ordered a tow truck to meet him at Noel's Express Auto Service so he could demand his vehicle and have it towed somewhere else. Unfortunately, the shop was closed when we arrived.

However, 3 On Your Side's initial visit and inquiry must have done something, because I visited the shop a second time. On this visit, it appeared the Land Rover was being worked on, as it was surrounded by parts and the hood was up.

We also found David in the garage. He wasn't eating lunch this time. In a phone conversation days earlier, Guzman said David told him the Land Rover would be repaired and ready to pick up soon. I wanted to find out more details on exactly when, but David didn't want to talk.  

"Get off the property," he told 3 On Your Side.

Guzman says he and his mom appreciate 3 On Your Side's involvment and hopes to have the Land Rover returned soon.  

"I regret trying to save a couple dollars and not taking it to a certified Land Rover mechanic shop," Guzman said.